Java Advanced Interview Questions

What is Cloning?
Shallow Cloning vs Deep Cloning?

Please read All About Cloning

What do you understand by Synchronization in Java?

Please read Synchronization

What is Serialization?
What is the usage of Serialization?

Please read Serialization in Java

What is the serialVersionUID and what is it’s significance?

Please read serialVersionUId in Serialization

Can we customize Serialization process? If yes, How?

Please read Magic methods to Customize Serialization

What is Externalization?

Please read Externalizable

What is the ThreadLocal class? How and why would you use it?

Please read ThreadLocal

What is volatile keyword?

Please read volatile keyword

what is equals and hashCode Contract?

Please read equals and hashCode

What Are the Methods of the Object Class and What Do They Do?

Please read Object Class

What Is an Enum and How We Can Use It?

Please read the below articles.


More on Enums

What is a Singleton Class? what is it’s use?

Please read Singleton

What are Static Imports?

Please read Static imports in Java

What are the different ways to create an object?

Please read Different Ways to Create Objects in Java



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