Top 28 Java Programs for Interviews: Success Strategies

This article aims to provide you with an overview of the top Java programs for interviews. Each program is carefully selected to cover various essential aspects of Java programming, such as data structures, algorithms, string manipulation, array manipulation, recursion, and more.

List of Java Programs for Interviews

Let’s look into the below list of Java Programs for Interviews.

Java Programs for Interviews
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  1. Check if String is Palindrome
  2. Find Factorial(n!) of a given number(n)
  3. Find if the input number is Prime
  4. Fibonacci Sequence
  5. Armstrong Number
  6. Common Elements between Two Arrays
  7. Find Number of Words Separated by Space in a String
  8. Find largest Number in an Array
  9. Find Smallest Number in an Array
  10. Find Triangle Type Based on Sides
  11. Check if two Strings are Anagram
  12. Find Common Words between two Strings
  13. Find Unique Characters in the String
  14. Find Duplicate Characters in a String
  15. Swapping of Two Numbers
  16. Create a Singly Linked List in Java
  17. Create Custom Doubly Linked List in Java
  18. Find Middle Element in a Singly Linked List
  19. Implement Stack using ArrayList
  20. Write a Java program to find the second highest number in an integer array.
  21. Write a Java program to implement a binary search tree.
  22. Write a program to implement a queue using Array.
  23. Write a Java program to remove duplicates from an array.
  24. Trie(Prefix Tree)
  25. Maximum Depth of Binary Tree
  26. Traversing a Binary tree
  27. Two Sum
  28. Reverse a String in Java

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