JVM Interview Questions

What is JVM ?

What is the use of JVM?

Draw JVM Architecture?

What are different memory areas inside JVM?

Heap vs Stack?

Please read for all your JVM queries Java Virtual Machine(JVM)


This is a common question asked in interviews related to JVM. Please go through JDK vs JRE vs JVM

What is Heap?

Please read Heap

What is non Heap(Method Area)?

Please read Method Area(Non-Heap Area)

What is a Class Loader?

What are different types of Class Loaders?

What is Class Loader hierarchy?

Please read Class Loaders

What is JIT Compiler?

Please read JIT Compiler- Just in Time Compiler

What is Metaspace?

Please read Java 8 : Metaspace

What is Garbage Collector?

Please read Garbage Collector(GC)

What are different types of GC?

Please read JVM Garbage Collector Types

Some examples of commonly used JVM arguments.

Please read Common JVM Arguments



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