Scala vs Java


 Metrics  Scala  Java
When it started 2004 1995
 Object Oriented/Functional Hybrid.

Scala unites two worlds: object-oriented programming and functional programming.

Object Oriented.

From Java 8, functional programming aspects like Lambda expression have been integrated into Java eco-system.

Learning Curve Hard Easier than Scala
 Coding Style Compact Verbose
Performance Though you can write compact codes in Scala, the performance is actually much slower when compared to Java. Java is simple, super-fast and efficient in handling tasks
Compile Time Much Slower than Java Much Faster than Scala
Readability Less Better than Scala.

Although Java is too verbose, it is more readable than Scala. Why? Because Scala can get too nested at times. Imagine a function inside a function inside another, inside an object inside a class. Our brains aren’t calibrated to that less a level of abstraction. Java is nested too, but lesser than Scala.

IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) Support The currently Scala supported IDEs are very less mature. Java has a myriad of IDEs available to aid you with development.
Backward Compatibility Not backward-compatible Backward-compatible
Debugging Debugging is very hard. Java is much easier on the programmers with debugging.
Community Community is younger and smaller. Very large Community.

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