Java Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

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In this course, we will build simple Java Microservices using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.

We will use the below technology stack.

  • Spring Cloud Netflix Eureka Server
  • Spring Cloud Netflix Eureka Client
  • Spring Cloud Netflix Zuul
  • Spring Cloud OpenFeign
  • Spring Boot Data JPA
  • Spring Boot Web
  • H2 Embedded Database 
  • Lombok Framework

Course Objectives

  • Monoliths vs Microservices
  • Understand Microservices Application Components
  • Build Eureka Server 
  • Build Student Application – Microservices 1
  • Build Teacher Application – Microservices 2
  • Build Gateway Application – School Gateway

We will create the Microservice Ecosystem by building the following components:

  • Eureka Server – This will be the Service Discovery Registry where the Microservices needs to register. We will use 
  • Student Microservice – This will be the first Microservice for our School Application.
  • Teacher Microservice – This will be the second Microservice for our School Application.
  • School Gateway – This will use Netflix Zuul to enable Routing Logic for the School Application.This will be the entry point to Microservice ecosystem and it will route the request to the relevant Microservice based on the configured routing paths.

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