Spring Boot Dev Tools

Spring Boot Dev Tools is a module within the Spring Boot framework that provides a set of tools to help developers during the development process. Some of the features provided by Spring Boot Dev Tools include:

  • Automatic restart: Whenever a change is made to the code, the application is automatically restarted, eliminating the need to manually stop and start the application.
  • Live reload: Changes made to the code are automatically reflected in the application without the need to restart it.
  • Remote development: Allows the application to be run and debugged remotely, which is useful when working with microservices.
  • Automatic configuration: Automatically configures the application based on the environment it is running in, eliminating the need to manually configure it.

Spring Boot Dev Tools is typically included in a Spring Boot project by adding the following dependency to the project’s pom.xml file:


It’s a great tool that improves developer productivity and reduces the time needed to develop, test, and deploy applications.

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