Running Spring Boot Application in Docker

In this article we will run a Spring Boot Application in Docker Container.

Here we will use this SpringMVCFormValidator application for our use case.

Download the source code from the below link.

Once you download and unzip, you will get the below structure once you import it in Eclipse or any other IDE.

We need to perform the following steps

  1. Create the Dockerfile(I have already shared it in the attachment)

Dockerfile is a text file that contains instructions for building the Docker image. This is used by Docker to build the image which will be executed in the Docker container. Please find below the content of the Docker file

FROM openjdk:8
ADD target/SpringMVCFormValidator-1.0.jar SpringMVCFormValidator-1.0.jar
ENTRYPOINT [“java”, “-jar”, “SpringMVCFormValidator-1.0.jar”]

Let’s understand the instructions

FROM openjdk:8 – This will download the openjdk:8 image from Docker Hub( This openjdk 8 will be used for executing the jar file.

ADD target/SpringMVCFormValidator-1.0.jar SpringMVCFormValidator-1.0.jar –  This will copy the SpringMVCFormValidator-1.0.jar from the target folder to the Docker image.

EXPOSE 8080 – Expose the port 8080 of the Docker Container for running the application.

ENTRYPOINT [“java”, “-jar”, “SpringMVCFormValidator-1.0.jar”] – ENTRYPOINT allows you to specify the startup command for an image. Here will run the jar file “SpringMVCFormValidator-1.0.jar”

2. Create the Spring Boot Project jar

Go to the SpringMVCFormValidator folder in the terminal and run the following Maven command.

mvn clean package

This will create the SpringMVCFormValidator-1.0.jar in the target folder.

3. Download and install Docker Desktop

Please download and install Docker Desktop from

Docker Desktop is an application for Mac or Windows that enables us to build and share containerized applications and microservices.

4. Build Docker Image

Run the below command in the terminal. This will create the image docker-spring-boot-example by reading the instructions in the earlier created Dockerfile.

docker build -f Dockerfile -t docker-spring-boot-example .

After this, run the below command to check the images. This will list all the images in the Docker.

docker images

REPOSITORY                   TAG       IMAGE ID       CREATED       SIZE

docker-spring-boot-example   latest    c461069dca00   4 days ago    533MB

docker/getting-started       latest    021a1b85e641   5 weeks ago   27.6MB

5. Run Docker Image in a Container

Let’s run the created image in the Docker Container by executing the below command.

docker run -p 8085:8080 docker-spring-boot-example

Here, 8085 – host machine port, 8080 – Container port

This will print the below output which basically states that the application got started.

Running Spring Boot Application in Docker

Now hit http://localhost:8085 – Please note that the host port is 8085 as specified in the earlier Docker run command.

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